You CAN Out Train a Bad Diet

You hear all the time:

“You can’t out train a bad diet.”

Well I’m here to tell you a lot of people CAN. Maybe not everyone, and maybe not the average athlete, but when it comes to someone training for an Ironman or fast marathon etc… yes, you can out train a bad diet.

What you can’t do is… train your way to health on a bad diet. You may look better on the outside, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t havoc on the inside. You’ll often hear of runners and cyclists dropping dead of heart attacks. Doctors tell people with bad hearts to do cardo exercise all the time. They do (or overdo usually), lose some weight, drop dead.

“[Insert name here] was so healthy!”

No, no they weren’t.

Becoming an athlete because you have health problems is not the answer. You need to address your problems before you become an athlete.

Ask yourself these questions:

Why are you unhealthy?
Why is your body inflamed?
What can you do to stop the inflammation?

Have you stopped your inflammation now through lifestyle changes?

Endurance exercise is generally inflammatory. Especially anaerobic (high intensity). Swelling of muscles and joints is inflammation that you can see and feel. Your heart and other organs you don’t see and feel are taking this same beating. Most people overdo cardio by going anaerobic with it. Do you think it’s a good idea to compound inflammatory exercise on top of your existing inflammatory conditions (often caused by poor diet and/or lifestyle)?

The answer is NO!!!

The moral of this story is… if you want to start exercising, the smart thing to do, is address your dietary problems first. Exercise is not an excuse to eat shit. As a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite. I use personally use my diet to CONTROL/MINIMIZE my inflammation FROM exercise. If what you’re eating is putting your body under stress, you don’t want to compound that stress with exercise!

[If] you feel you have your stress and diet under control, start out LIGHT with the cardio! Walking, SLOW jogging, etc.. (ie.. aerobic) 20 minutes a day max. You may not be able to move beyond this amount for months! If you feel tired the next day after exercising, you overdid it. Take a day off. Do not exercise more! All you’ll do is compound your problems. You will never succeed with your endurance goals if you burn yourself out, and more than likely you’ll end up quitting, sitting around, gaining more weight than you ever have, and/or even worse… exacerbating your health problems.

Be smart. Cardio is NOT the bad guy. You are the bad guy. You are not smarter than your body, so listen to it.

  • Roddy

    Fucking perfect.

  • Adam

    Good stuff man. I used to follow the idiotic “no pain, no gain” mantra when I was just getting into fitness and ended up with a bunch of small injuries that sidelined me for a while. It’s totally not worth busting your body trying to expedite the process of achieving arbitrary goals like getting a six-pack or running a sub-X minute mile or squatting Y number of pounds or whatever.

    What do you mean by “Most people overdo cardio by going anaerobic with it.” by the way? I thought cardio was by definition aerobic.

    • admin

      “I thought cardio was by definition aerobic.” I would agree, but a lot is lost in translation. All but experienced athletes (from what I see) exercise too hard taking themselves out of those aerobic zones and into the anaerobic zones which should be saved for key workouts and races.

      I’m guilty of the above myself, but usually it’s because I mix my commuting with workouts and I’m always running late! Haha

    • admin

      Here’s a nice chart on Wikipedia: link to

      Basically too many people not in the know spend all their time in the 80% zone. No pain no gain right?

  • Rick Santos

    Go f u c k yourself, Castle Grok, you scientifically illiterate dipshit.

  • admin

    You keep your “science”, I’ll live in reality.

  • admin

    BTW, Castle Grok fell off the radar when he learned the paleo diet was just a fantasy. Last I heard he was selling furniture.