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It’s no secret I left a pretty ok paying 9-5 management job, to pursue life as a triathlete (for which I had no background in). Hey, why not right? Well, I’ve come a long way and learned a lot the past 4 years. I’ve entered what I call “grad school” now (aka higher level of racing).

Maybe in another 2 years, perhaps I can even become a starving professional?

One thing that hasn’t changed since I quit my job… the fact that I live on a shoestring! I never ask anyone for money online (or offline), don’t try and sell shit (other than linking stuff I use to Amazon) and I purposely have not written books etc.. in order to keep myself detached from any particular ideology, so that I can not only grow myself… but also grow you!

Training & racing chew through a lot of consumables (think: tubes, tires, chains, bar tape, running shoes, socks, technical clothes, etc…). Amazon to the rescue! This is where you come in! By clicking on my Amazon link below and then buying whatever you normally do from Amazon, Amazon kicks me a couple % in affiliate commissions. Amazon then credits my Amazon account with these commissions, which allows me to buy the things like I mentioned above. Amazon DOES NOT CHARGE YOU EXTRA for the things you purchase from this link. Still the same great deals you would normally get! It’s all anonymous, so I have no idea who’s buying what (nor would I care anyway).

So Here’s My Plea for Help

In the past 5 years, if I’ve ever said anything of value to you, would you please consider clicking on the link below to help me out?

Sponsor Me

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