Triathlon Gear

You can train for triathlon without good gear, but I’ve got to admit… good gear helps! If you have the money to spend, here’s some of the gear I use and recommend. I will be adding gear and writing reviews as it’s field tested (and time permits). Most links will go to Amazon as they are very reputable and usually have pretty close to the best deal once you add the shipping at other sites. You can email me questions if you’d like.

Scott Shoes
These shoes are the bee’s knees. I tried SOOOO many pairs of shoes before I settled on these after being a dopy barefooter for a long time. Ok, ok, barefooting wasn’t so bad. It did fix my running form, but now that it’s fixed, barefoot running is silly. I run in the Eride AF Trainer.

Garmin 910XT
This kit does it all! Measure distances, speeds, average everything, heart rate, calories, accent/decent, swim strokes, the list goes on. Internal rechargeable battery. Attach to your PC/Mac an analyze it all. So many damn stats at the end of your workout you’ll be in amazement. Uploads them instantly to Garmin Connect where you’ll be able to poor over beautiful graphs and add comments/reminders about say… your daily fueling? All of the devices are crazy accurate! The watch is not overy hideous and huge, But slightly bigger than a casual looking watch. One Garmin, all sports!

Giro Ionos
Does it get any sicker than this helmet? The bike god Lance Armstrong himself wears this baby!

Kreitler Rollers
Live in a rainy place? I do. Don’t have time for a pre/post-ride prep before work in the morning? I also have the Kreitler fork stand so I can use my rollers more like a trainer. Rollers are not very forgiving for those not paying attention ;)

ISM Adamo Racing Saddles
If you dread riding you bike, buy one of these! I sit on these 2-5 hours most days.

Camelback Podium Bottle
I quite literally almost drink from nothing else these days. I’m always carrying one of these around. They don’t spill, drip, or get backwash in them. Perfect for getting yourself to drink more water or datorade during the day ;)